2024 Integrated System Plan (ISP)

AEMO’s Integrated System Plan (ISP) is a roadmap for the transition of the National Electricity Market (NEM) power system, with a clear plan for essential infrastructure that will meet future energy needs. The ISP’s optimal development path (ODP) sets out the needed generation, storage and network investments to transition to net zero by 2050 through current policy settings and deliver significant net market benefits for consumers.

The 2024 ISP, including all appendices and associated supporting materials are available below:

Consultation on non-network options  

AEMO is calling for non-network options to meet the identified need for four newly actionable ISP projects in the 2024 ISP, by 18 September 2024. Further details on the notice of consultation and next steps are provided in the consultation page for each project:

2024 ISP Traces

The Draft ISP, all associated draft materials and details of the consultation process, including all stakeholder submissions are available on the 2024 ISP Consultation page.

The input, assumptions and scenarios and ISP Methodology used to develop the 2024 ISP are also available.

ISP Timetable

The ISP Timetable provides stakeholders with the key milestones of the 2024 ISP development process, including the establishment of the Consumer Panel and dates for the release of the Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report (IASR), the ISP Methodology, the Draft ISP and the Final ISP. The Opportunities for Engagement table, below, provides a detailed timeline and record of workshops and engagement activities undertaken, including presentations and recordings from public webinars.

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