Victorian Inertia Measurement Trial

Australia’s energy landscape is undergoing rapid and unprecedented levels of change. This change is being driven by an evolving power supply mix, ageing infrastructure, weather, changing technologies, consumer preferences and increasing interdependencies between our gas and electricity markets. Maintaining sufficient inertia levels is critical to the secure and stable operation of any power system.

The Victorian Inertia Measurement Trial to measure and estimate power system inertia was established and funded by ARENA in late 2019 under the “System Inertia Measurement Demonstration” project. Project stakeholders are AEMO, NEOEN, DEECA (Victorian government Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action), and MEI (Melbourne Energy Institute).

As a part of this Trial, Reactive Technologies (RT) have proposed to inject power modulation signals into the National Electricity Market (NEM) using a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Victoria to trial their inertia measurement technology. 

A risk assessment in the form of detailed system studies has determined appropriate modulation frequency and amplitude limits within the NEM. Project stakeholders will jointly perform site acceptance testing at Modulator site, to ensure operational readiness.

This trial and its outcomes are relevant to AEMO’s functions and the broader energy industry including Transmission Network Service Providers, because they will assist with:

  • Development of an inertia requirements methodology and the accurate determination of inertia requirements for each region.

  • Maintaining a secure level of inertia or addressing any identified inertia shortfalls through inertia support activities.

AEMO and Reactive Technologies will monitor operations and performance of the system inertia at specific intervals via the dispatched high-speed measurement (HSM) devices. Data collected will include high-resolution frequency data as well as power measurement data. 

AEMO will be monitoring power system oscillations and power system quality and the trial will be suspended if any significant issues are detected. 

The trial concluded on Thursday 28 September 2023. A schedule showing the tests conducted is provided here.

AEMO will also issue a NEM Market Notice if any serious issues arise. 

At the end of the trial, the effectiveness of the measurement technique will be assessed by an independent expert. AEMO will advise on the results of the assessment.

Further Information  

Opportunities to find out more on the trial will be listed on the AEMO website and through other AEMO communication channels. AEMO aims to provide updates to the industry over the coming months as this work progresses.

For further information or to get involved please contact AEMO at:

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