Data Provision

To assist Connections Applicants with undertaking connection studies and with putting together your Connections Application package you can request Victorian Planning & Connections (VP&C) and/or AEMO to provide transmission network data required under S5.2.4 (e) (1) of the Rules.

There are two avenues to request network data depending on which data you are wanting.

Victorian Planning and Connections - Provision of Transmission Data

VP&C provides the below as a complete package of data.

Fault levels at the connection point  
Voltage Control Strategy
 GPS Technical Requirements
 Protection Clearance Times
 Voltage Unbalance Limits
 Operational Issues (protection schemes, constraints etc)
 Harmonic Impedance Scans
 N-1 Contingency List
 Quality of Supply Limits*
    *This is for connections to existing terminal stations only

  • To request this data package use the Provision of Transmission Data form.
  • We will process your request within 30 business days.
  • This is only applicable for connections to the Victorian Declared Shared Network, for connections in other states or at the distribution level please contact your Network Service Provider.
  • Due to processing times of the requested data you may receive the data packages in two parts at varying times within the 30 business days.
  • Fees are charged for the provision of the data. For further information on fees including rates, please refer to Generator Connection Application Fees.

We are available to discuss the best timing to request this data to suit your needs.

AEMO Data Request

The AEMO Network Model & Information team provides power system modelling information under 3.13.3 (k) (2) of the Rules.

Examples of such modelling information include:

  • Historical load flow and dynamics snapshots of the National Electricity Market (NEM) in PSS/E format
  • Releasable User Guides (RUGs)

To make data requests under 3.13.3 (k) (2) of the Rules, please refer to Policy on Provision of Network Data page.

AEMO Registration

Be aware that to receive transmission network data from VP&C you must be registered as an Intending Participant in the NEM prior to making your request [Rules reference S5.2.4 (e)], refer to the AEMO Registration page for more details.

AEMO Data Request has separate registration requirements for requesting data than VP&C [Rules reference 5.3.3 (k)], refer to the AEMO Registration page for more details.

All information provided by VP&C or AEMO Data Request under these processes is considered confidential information under the Rules [Rules references 3.13.3(l) (4) and S5.2.4(f)].


  For more information, you can email:

  Victorian transmission connection Email us

  Registration Email us


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