Stage 3a - Pre-application

This stage is optional, as it is not a requirement of the National Electricity Rules (NER). You have the choice of engaging AEMO to provide you with information and analysis prior to submitting a Connection Application. 

The purpose of the Pre-application stage is for AEMO to provide you with greater certainty about the proposed connection earlier in the overall connection process. As this is optional, you may choose to bypass it and move directly to the Connection Application stage. 

In the Pre-application stage, AEMO can provide more detailed information on:

  • Estimate project program and application costs
  • Locational specific critical network information 
  • Preliminary constraint and system condition advice
  • Infrastructure and contracts
  • System model and performance standards
  • Preliminary model tuning assessment

To review and/or request Pre-application services submit a Connection Pre-application Form and any supporting information to AEMO.

Roles and responsibilities summary

AEMO: receives and reviews submitted Pre-application package requests, the Enquiry Response and any additional data provided. Provides a detailed scope of work for the requested pre-application packages including time and cost estimate. Proceeds through the requested Pre-application packages with the applicant to provide the requested analysis and support. 

Connection Applicant: submits Pre-application form and any additional data that will be required to conduct the Pre-application process.. Approves the various Pre-application packages required from the detailed scope provided and provides the required information for package completion.

Documents checklist
You will require the following documents for this stage:


Other information

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