Stage 3a - Pre-application

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This stage is optional, as it is not a requirement of the National Electricity Rules (NER). 

 After completing Stage 2 – Enquiry and receiving an Enquiry Response Victorian Planning & Connections (VP&C) a Pre-application stage.

Pre-application provides more detailed analysis for your proposed connection, greater understanding of the overall application process and early engagement and planning of your project with VP&C stakeholders and any early assistance with modelling requirements, if required.

In the Pre-application stage, we assign a dedicated Project Manager who will put together a team of internal experts to assist with the scope of works you are interested in engaging us in.

Pre-application includes six scope items you can choose that we will work on with you. Below are a list of the items, for further details on the scope items refer to thePre-application form

Scope Item

Scope Topic


Project Program


Provision of Location Specific Critical Network Information


Location Specific Constraints and Project Scope Assessment


Infrastructure and Contracts


System models and performance standards


Preliminary model tuning assessments


To request Pre-application services, please submit a Connection Pre-application Form and any supporting information to us.


  For more information, you can email:

  Victorian transmission connection Email us



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