Network connections

Network connections provides information on establishing or modifying connections to the transmission and distribution networks in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

This encompasses the connection/modification of:

  • Generating systems.
  • Customer facilities.
  • Connections between transmission and distribution networks.

A person wishing to connect a facility to the NEM (Connection Applicant) must liaise with the connecting Network Service Provider (NSP). The connecting NSP manages the connection process and is the main point of contact for the Connection Applicant.

Across the NEM, AEMO’s role as Market and System Operator is to assess and negotiate performance standards that could affect power system security. AEMO is also involved in assessing simulation models of power system plant and associated control systems, and commissioning and post-commissioning activities.

In Victoria, AEMO has additional responsibilities. The transmission network is a Declared Shared Network (DSN) and AEMO has been delegated certain functions performed in other parts of the NEM by the connecting NSP in processing connections to the Victorian transmission network.

See pages below for more information on the general connection process in transmission and distribution networks in the NEM, and a more detailed description of the connection process in Victorian transmission network.

These pages focus on generating system connections, as this is the most common type of connection.


  For more information, you can email:

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