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Nominations for Information Exchange Committee – Elected Members


The terms of IEC members Mr Luke Jenner (Distributor), Mr Robert Lo Giudice (Retailer) and Paul Greenwood (Metering) are due to expire on 31 August 2024.

In light of this, AEMO is seeking member nominations by Friday 21 June 2024, for the following member categories for a 2-year appointment period commencing 1 September 2024:

  • Retail member
  • Metering member
  • Distribution network service provider member.

Those parties wishing to put forward a nomination should complete the form below and submit to

AEMO and the IEC would like to thank Mr Jenner, Mr Lo Giudice and Mr Greenwood for their contributions during their current term as an IEC member.

Role requirements

From 1 September 2024 the three IEC member roles will be vacant. AEMO would like to fill these vacancies. The IEC must consist of one Distribution Network Service Provider Member, one Retailer Member and one Metering Member.

To ensure the group is an effective and strategic body, the role requirements and skill set sought in the membership includes:

  • the ability to represent the interests of the wider participant group (e.g. distribution businesses) in performing their duties or in exercising any right, power or discretion
  • the ability and experience in strategic thinking and decision making
  • knowledge of and experience in the National Electricity Market
  • knowledge of the subject matter of B2B Procedures
  • knowledge and understanding of the Rules and the related legislative and regulatory framework.


The timetable to fill these vacancies are:

Activity Communication method (where applicable)
Call for IEC member nominations  AEMO website; AEMO communication; ERCF and transitional IEC lists; letters to associations and businesses.  23 May 2024 
Closing date for IEC member nominations  Nominations to be submitted to  21 June 2024 
Release recommended member appointment, call for vote, and call for member nominations  AEMO website and AEMO communication  8 July 2024 
Closing date for votes   Votes to be submitted to  26 July 2024 
Communicate IEC membership should a revote not be required.

If a revote is required, calls for votes will be required within 5 business days.
AEMO website, AEMO communication, and letters to new IEC members  6 August 2024 

Once the new IEC is in place, AEMO will seek alternates from each IEC member. The details of the IEC members and their alternates will be made available on AEMO’s website.


The IEC is a statutory body established under the National Electricity Rules responsible for developing and making recommendations on changing B2B Procedures. The role and responsibilities of the IEC are defined by the Rules, the IEC Operating Manual, and the IEC Election Procedures.

In completing its statutory role in relation to managing the ongoing development of B2B Procedures and any changes to them, the IEC:

  1. Makes recommendations on B2B Procedure changes and oversees the consultation process.
  2. In conjunction with AEMO, considers implications of potential policy changes which may affect B2B Procedures.
  3. Identifies B2B Procedure continuous improvement opportunities.
  4. In conjunction with AEMO, monitors and contributes to B2B Procedure delivery management and prioritisation.

The IEC has established and works closely with the B2B Working Group to undertake a range of investigations with industry input on its behalf. The IEC provides specific directions to the B2B Working Group in relation to the scope of activities and timelines that it requires for each matter it refers to the working group. Information on the B2B Working Group can be found here.

IEC register of members

The table below presents the members of the IEC. 

Member category

IEC members nominated

Appointment period


Mr Kee Wong - AEMO director

12 months
6 Sept 23 – 5 Sept 24      


Mr Luke Jenner (COO of Essential Energy) 

2 years
1 Sept 22 – 31 Aug 24


Mr Robert Lo Giudice (Alinta)

1 year 6 months 5 days
27 Feb 23 – 31 Aug 24


Mr Paul Greenwood (Bluecurrent)    

2 years 27 days
4 Aug 22 – 31 Aug 24

Energy Consumer

Jill Cainey (Energy Consumers Australia)

12 months
1 Mar 24 – 28 Feb 25        

Discretionary (retail)

Mr Peter Van Loon (Telstra Energy) 

12 months
1 Mar 24 – 28 Feb 25

Discretionary (Embedded networks)

Mr Marco Bogaers (Executive Director, Metropolis) 

12 months
1 Mar 24 – 28 Feb 25

Discretionary (distributor)


B2B Changes

The process for making changes to B2B Procedures is outlined in the B2B Change Process:

Participants who want to identify a prospective change to B2B Procedures should submit an Issue / Change Form (ICF) to using the template below.

As the B2B Procedures evolve through multiple industry consultations, AEMO has developed a document containing version history tables to enable parties to understand which version relates to each change.

Records of IEC meetings

Records of IEC meetings prior to July 2016 have been archived. To access these records please contact:

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