Market Transition

Cutover Plan

During the transition to the new WEM, AEMO utilised a cutover process with modified IT systems and processes used to operate the ‘new WEM’ (and stop operating the ‘legacy WEM’). AEMO developed and published a Cutover Plan following consultation with internal and external stakeholders. 

Transition Schedule

AEMO was required (under new clause 1.56 of the WEM Rules) to publish a regulatory instrument called the “Transition Schedule” by 30 June 2023. Clause 1.56.2 of the WEM Rules describes in detail AEMO’s obligation in respect of the Transition Schedule, which is in summary to publish an instrument identifying:

  • Information that Participants must submit ahead of New WEM Commencement Date (NWCD) as part of transition activity
  • Information AEMO must publish ahead of NWCD as part of transition activity
  • The dates on or by which the information must be submitted or published.

The Transition Schedule was published with the approval of the Coordinator of Energy – accessible at the link below.

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