Transitional Registration Process


As part of WEM Reform there will be changes to the registration and participant framework, which will:

  • facilitate the participation of new technologies and configurations in the WEM; and
  • allow provision of more granular registration information to support scheduling and dispatch.

For all existing Rule Participants to continue their participation in WEM, they must submit new registration applications to provide data required for the new market. Below is the relevant information for existing Rule Participants and candidate Rule Participants to ensure they meet their transitional registration requirements to be ready for New WEM Commencement Day.

What do participants need to do?

Review the below sections in relation to Transitional registration:

  1. Registration Schedule - to be aware of when application submission deadlines are.
  2. Facility Migration List - to ensure all your Facilities are migrated to the appropriate Facility Class for the new market.
  3. Excel applications forms - to gain provisional approval of Facility data prior to the deployment of the new registration system in WEMS MPI.
  4. Other registration forms - to submit other registration forms for the new market (e.g. Facility Aggregation/ Disaggregation, Facility Class reassessment Forms, and NDL association form for Interruptible Loads).

Registration Schedule

AEMO has published a Registration Schedule which outlines relevant events and submission deadlines for registration applications that are submitted between 3 May 2023 and New WEM Commencement Day. Rule Participants are strongly encouraged to review the Registration Schedule which is available on the link to the left.

AEMO encourages applicants to submit their applications as early as practicable to ensure there is adequate time for AEMO to review the information is complete and accurate for participation in the processes under the new market. The new registration system is expected to be available on the week commencing 3 July 2023 in anticipation of the New WEM Commencement day (1 October).

Facility Migration List

Furthermore, AEMO strongly encourages Rule Participants to review the following Facility Migration List which outlines the respective Facility Class that each existing Registered Facility and candidate Facility will be migrated to for the new market, in accordance with clause 1.47.3.

In particular, only candidate Facilities which have an Indicative Facility Class and have submitted for the upcoming Reserve Capacity Cycle have been migrated.

If your candidate Facility is not on the list and you intend for it participate in the new market or if there are any omissions or inaccuracies, please notify AEMO by 29 May 2023 by emailing

Excel applications forms for provisional approval

To assist AEMO in processing the high quantity of applications prior to the new market and before the new Registration system is available on the week commencing 3 July 2023, AEMO has made the following Excel application forms available on Reformer to allow Rule Participants to gain provisional approval from AEMO:

  • Facility General Information
  • Facility Standing Data for all Facility Classes/Types including Intermittent Load and Interruptible Loads
  • Facility Technology Type
  • Separately Certified Components (if the Facility is a Scheduled Facility or Semi-Scheduled Facility and certified for Reserve Capacity)

The Excel application forms are available on the left . The set of forms (mentioned above) for each Facility Class are available in the folder as tabs in the forms listed below:

  1. Scheduled Facility - Facility Registration
  2. Semi- Scheduled Facility - Facility Registration
  3. Non-Scheduled Facility - Facility Registration
  4. Non-Dispatchable Load - Facility Registration
  5. Demand Side Programme - Facility Registration
  6. Network - Facility Registration
  7. Interruptible Loads - Facility Registration

The updated Registration Technical Guide is also available on the left and provides field definitions and specifications for the application forms.

Rule Participants are not required to use the Excel application forms and can choose to submit via the online Registration (SCED) interface in WEMS MPI from the week commencing 3 July 2023, however the Excel forms provide a mechanism to get earlier provisional approval from AEMO.

Instructions on how to submit the applications are contained in the form.

Please raise any questions in advance via

Other registration forms

The following Excel application forms are available on the link to the right:

  • Facility Aggregation/ Disaggregation
  • Facility Class reassessment - Transitional Period
  • NDL association form for Interruptible Loads

Instructions on how to submit the applications are contained in the form.

Please raise any questions in advance via

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