Constraint Management

The current WEM operates on an unconstrained basis and therefore does not require a system to manage constraints centrally. As the WEM moves to a Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) market model, a system that will allow for the management of network constraints is a key input into the new WEM Dispatch Engine (WEMDE) and other market and security management processes including the Reserve Capacity Mechanism (RCM), and Projected Assessment of System Adequacy (PASA).

This project will deliver the required business process and system changes to manage constraints as part of the new SCED market. This will include the Congestion Information Resource, which will provide information in a cost-effective and timely manner to Market Participants to enable them to understand patterns of network congestion and their market impact. This resource will deliver a new level of transparency and will be publicly available on AEMO’s website.

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