Settlements package 1: Settlement Residue Auctions

Overview: Settlements Residue Auctions (SRAs) give eligible Registered Participants access to inter-regional settlements residue (IRSR) by enabling them to bid for entitlements to a proportion of the total IRSR.

Status: Final determination published

Key dates (Rules consultation)
Publish consultation paper 22/03/2019
Submissions due 27/05/2019
Publish draft procedure and draft determination 25/06/2019 
Submissions due 16/07/2019 
Publish final procedure and final determination 05/08/2019 

Key dates (Rules consultation not required) Guide to the Settlements Residue Auction (complete)
Publish amended procedure 03 August 2018

High Level Impact Assessment
HLIA – SRA Rules APA Changes (84 KB, docx)          
HLIA - Guide to the Settlements Residue Auction (83 KB, pdf)
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