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    • TCV (Transmission Company Victoria) is a new company created by AEMO Victorian Planning to progress the VNI West transmission project following the completion of the regulated test for investment in transmission or RIT-T and the publication of the final report, the Project Assessment Conclusions Report.
    • AEMO – The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is the independent power system and energy market operator with primary responsibility for managing and maintaining energy system security for all Australians.
    • TransGrid – TransGrid operates and manages the high voltage electricity transmission network in NSW and the ACT. Our network connects NSW to Queensland and Victoria and forms the backbone of the National Energy Market (NEM). We provide the platform on which energy is traded within NSW and the ACT, allowing energy consumers to gain access to the lowest cost generation available.  
    • Australian Energy Regulator – The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) regulates wholesale and retail energy markets, and energy networks, under national energy legislation and rules.
    • Australian Energy Market Commission –  The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) is responsible for assessing and making changes to energy rules and provides advice to the COAG Energy Council.  
  • Related energy reports and information
    • AEMO Energy Live – AEMO Energy Live is our digital news and information hub dedicated to all things energy. AEMO Energy Live features commentary, analysis, interviews, news and views delivered via videos, podcasts, full-length feature articles, infographics and easy to understand explainers.

    • AEMO Integrated System Plan – AEMO’s Integrated System Plan (ISP) holistically evaluates Australia’s long-term energy future by considering the coordination of transmission and generation development planning.

    • AEMO Victorian Annual Planning report – The Victorian Annual Planning Report (VAPR) considers the adequacy of the Victorian transmission network to meet its reliability and security requirements and identifies development opportunities to address emerging network limitations.

    • TransGrid Transmission Annual Planning report (6.47 MB, pdf) – The Transmission Annual Planning Report (TAPR) provides advanced information to market participants and interested parties on NSW energy demand projections; emerging constraints in the NSW network, information on completed, committed and planned expansion, and proposed network developments over the next five years. This information allows the market to identify potential demand management solutions and allows TransGrid to apply the right network solutions.

    • AEMO Electricity Statement of Opportunities – The Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO) provides technical and market data that informs the decision-making processes of market participants, new investors, and jurisdictional bodies as they assess opportunities in the NEM a 10-year outlook period.

    • Other Victorian RIT-T projects – AEMO conducts regulatory investment tests for transmission (RIT-T) on potential transmission network and non-network projects. The purpose of the RIT-T, as set out at clause 5.16 of the National Electricity Rules, is to identify the credible option that maximises the present value of net economic benefit to all those who produce, consume and transport electricity in the market.

    • AEMO interactive planning maps – The interactive map complements AEMO’s planning publications to enhance accessibility, readability, and clarity. The map contains various layers which can be enabled or disabled to help users navigate to information of interest.

    • AEMO NEM generation maps – AEMO has published a series of maps that provide details on volumes on connection interest within particular NEM regions and subregions. These maps are intended to facilitate more informed decision-making by potential investors, allow network service providers (NSP) to consider potential future network expansion, and for AEMO to identify potential operational constraint and emerging security issues.

    • AEMO Generation information pages – This page reports information on the capacity of existing, withdrawn, committed, and proposed generation projects in the NEM. AEMO collects generation information reported here from generation industry participants, via a web-based online system, and is committed to publishing updates of information collected every six months, or as required. 

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