Power system requirements paper

AEMO prepared the power system requirements reference document to provide information about the technical and operational requirements of the power system.

It was updated in 2020 based on information available since its initial publication. This update is based on information available at 26 June 2020. Information made available after this date may have been included in this publication where practical.

The NEM, like power systems worldwide, is being transformed from a system dominated by large thermal power stations, to a system including a multitude of power generation resources and technologies of various sizes. At the same time, customers are engaging with their electricity supply in new ways.

The energy transformation involves a shift from:

  • Firm to variable energy sources.
  • Synchronous to inverter-based resource (IBR) generation.
  • A centralised to a decentralised system.
  • Passive to active consumers.

AEMO’s challenge is to continually meet the needs of the power system, in the face of major structural changes and the resulting uncertainty across investment and operational timeframes.

While the power system is being transformed, the laws of physics that determine electrical flows do not change. This Power System Requirements paper outlines the interdependent technical and operational needs which must be met at all times to maintain a secure and reliable system.

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