Metering technical documents


The systems technical documentation provides the detail of the changes to AEMO’s market facing systems. These documents are expected to provide the information required to allow industry to understand AEMO’s IT systems changes and for industry or vendors to make the required changes to their own systems.

The technical specifications are being produced in stages, allowing progressive release and consultation on the 5-minute and global settlement changes. The following tables provide the current status of these documents.


Technical Document Content Final Version Due Status Last Release SWG Related Level 2 Milestone Comments
MDFF Specification NEM12 and NEM 13  - v2.10
MDFF format to support 5-minute meter data Final 30 Apr 19 22 May 19 L2-M2 Completed

Specification agreed as final in SWG #11
MSATS 46.98 Technical Specification - v5.02

MSATS 46.98 Technical Specification - marked up v5.01

MSATS 46.99 Technical Specification

MSATS 46.99 Technical Specification - marked up

MSATS 47.10 Technical Specification 

MDM File Format and Load Process  - v5.14

MDM File Format and Load Process  - v5.14 marked up with content changes

Meter Data Validation Matrix - August 2021

Draft Guide to MSATS and B2B Terms
The 5MS retail project has 3 separate MSATS releases:
  1. MSATS 46.98 Technical Specification, covers the go-live of the MDM platform ahead of 5MS market start. No changes to 5MS project; new version adds more details about the DRSP variant of the RM29 report for the WDR project.
  2. MSATS 46.99 Technical Specification covers the 5MS market start where AEMO settles the market at 5-minute intervals using settlements by difference and begins reporting on UFE.
  3. MSATS 47.00 Technical Specification covers the Global Settlement go-live rule change.

Note: No changes to 5MS project. Adds clarification about the RM29 report for WDR

Final v4.00              18 Jan 2021

Guide to NEM Retail B2M APIs    Final  v1.00 16 Sep 20    
Guide to MSATS Web Portal  Instructions for using the MSATS Web Portal  Final v13.00  22 June 2021    
Guide to Enterprise Metering Data Management - v1.0
Supplement to the Metering procedures, guidelines, and processes, providing an understanding of eMDM functionality and business rules Final 05 May 21 16 Sep 20    

Existing guides updated for 5MS changes

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