Electricity data model technical documents


The systems technical documentation provides the detail of the changes to AEMO’s market facing systems. These documents are expected to provide the information required to allow industry to understand AEMO’s IT systems changes and for industry or vendors to make the required changes to their own systems.

The technical specifications are being produced in stages, allowing progressive release and consultation on the 5-minute and global settlement changes. The following tables provide the current status of these documents.

Electricity data model

Technical Document Content Final Version Due Status Last Release
EMMS Technical Specification - 5MS - Data Model v5.00

EMMS Technical Specification - 5MS - Data Model v5.00 marked up v3.02
Updates for Replication of Dispatch Bid/Offer files. Completion of project v5.00 March 2021
EMMS Release FAQ - October 2020 - Data Model v5.00 Updates responses to section 3.21 and 4.18. Completion of project v.0.05 May 2021

Existing guides updated for 5MS changes

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