Connections Simulation Tool Agreements and Forms

An agreement and forms must be submitted to use the Connections Simulation Tool.

  • Service Access Agreement


    Enables people within an organisation* to use the Connections Simulation Tool. It sets out the conditions under which users can access the tool. It references the pricing schedule.

    * Sub consultants (including Registered Participants and OEMs) can access the tool via the parent agreement when appropriate

    Signed By:

    An authorised representative from the user company via DocuSign


    Once only per user company before the first use of the Tool.  Valid for 5 years

    The process: 

    1. Users request an agreement through the mailbox, nominating the authorised signatory
    2. AEMO creates and emails a SAA in DocuSign
    3. The authorised signatory completes and signs the SAA via DocuSign
    4. AEMO signs the SAA via DocuSign
    5. The authorised signatory receives the fully executed SAA via DocuSign.
  • Case Consent Form


    Provides the Registered Participant’s authority for the user company to run studies on a specific plant and received case results/model config directly from AEMO.  

    Signed by: 

    1. An authorised representative from a user company, and 
    2. The Registered Participant for the plant that will be studied.  Note the tool user may also be the Registered Participant. 


    Must be signed and submitted every time a case is created or recreated.


    1. Tool user to fill in the form relating to a specific site in collaboration with the relevant  Registered Participant 
    2. Upload the file in the Case Create screen within the Connections Simulation Tool. 

    Information contained:

    • Authorisation from Registered Participant to use the tool for a specific plant
    • Details of Registered Participant, plant/project and tool user 
    • Invoicing details 
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