aseXML Standards Working Group

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The aseXML Standards Working Group (ASWG) is an energy industry technical group designed to:

  • Ensure the ongoing development of the aseXML standard.
  • Adopt a multilateral approach to the development of aseXML, with equal interests to each subscribing energy market.
  • Promote the convergence of aseXML across different markets.
  • Manage the development life cycle of aseXML.
  • Ensure that changes made to the aseXML are consistent with the aseXML guidelines.
  • Establish a clear review and approval procedure for proposed changes to aseXML.

In this role, the ASWG will review proposed changes to the aseXML schema using its change management process, but is not responsible for:

  • The underlying business processes that utilise the schema.
  • The processes used to deliver change requests for consideration.
Terms of reference
aseXML Standards Working Group (ASWG) – Terms of Reference
07 September 2009 | file size: 229 KB (.pdf)

For more information, please contact or the AEMO information and Support Hub.

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