Amendments to NSCAS Description and Quantity Procedure consultation

Market National Electricity Market
StageDiscussion Paper
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?Yes
Submissions close02/08/2024

Consultation process

  • Consultation paper published
    5 July 2024
  • Submissions due on consultation paper
    2 August 2024
  • Draft report published, including a draft NSCAS description and quantity procedure
    Expected 9 September 2024
  • Submissions due on draft report
    Expected 7 October 2024
  • Final report published, including a draft NSCAS description and quantity procedure
    Expected 5 November 2024

Matters under consultation

In March 2024, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) released its final determination on Improving security frameworks for the energy transition rule change. This introduced new rule requirements for the Network Support and Control Ancillary Services (NSCAS) Description and Quantity Procedure (Procedure).

AEMO is now consulting on its proposed Procedure and amendments to NSCAS Description and Quantity procedure in accordance with clause 5.20.2 and the Rules consultation procedures in rule 8.9 of the National Electricity Rules (NER).

Submissions are due to by 5pm AEST on 2 August 2024. Please note that submissions will be published, other than confidential material, as per AEMO’s Consultation submission guidelines.

Key changes

AEMO proposes to amend the Procedure, effective from 1 December 2024, by:

  • Including a description of inertia network services and system strength services as NSCAS, where required to meet the applicable minimum requirements, consistent with the revised definition of NSCAS need in the Amending Rule.
  • Including new procedures for determining the required location and quantity of inertia network services and system strength services.
  • Explicitly allowing for cases to be included in quantity procedure studies where AEMO has identified challenges maintaining power system security or reliability with a given transmission network outage. This allows representation of a ‘system typical’ condition for improved forecasting of NSCAS gaps, rather than a ‘system normal’ condition, which assumes all network elements are in service.
  • Explicitly allowing for consideration of broader system conditions for some NSCAS studies, including transmission network and generation projects which are well advanced, but not yet committed for some NSCAS studies. This allows more onerous conditions to be considered where appropriate in determining potential inertia and system strength gaps.

AEMO expects that some other minor drafting improvements or corrections to the Procedure may be identified during this consultation.

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