Industry Readiness Reporting

Market Readiness Reporting

AEMO’s POC Implementation Program provided for the Market Readiness work stream to coordinate, assist and prepare industry and AEMO for the start of the revised market arrangements as well as for to monitor and report on preparation efforts. A key component of developing market readiness was progress reporting and monitoring by AEMO and NEM participants. AEMO implemented a monthly reporting process to provide AEMO, NEM participants, and other interested stakeholders with an accurate assessment of the overall operational readiness of the market for the start of the new procedural arrangements and early visibility of potential risks and issues impacting operational readiness.

POC Monthly Market Readiness Reports

Summary Report Detailed Report
POC Summary Report - November 2017 POC Market Readiness Report - November 2017
POC Summary Report - October 2017 POC Market Readiness Report - October 2017
POC Summary Report - September 2017 POC Market Readiness Report - September 2017
POC Summary Report - August 2017 POC Market Readiness Report - August 2017
POC Summary Report - July 2017 POC Market Readiness Report - July 2017
POC Summary Report - June 2017 POC Market Readiness Report - June 2017
POC Summary Report - May 2017 POC Market Readiness Report - May 2017
POC Summary Report - April 2017 POC Market Readiness Report - April 2017
POC Summary Report - March 2017 POC Market Readiness Report - March 2017
POC Summary Report - February 2017 POC Market Readiness Report - February 2017
POC Summary Report - January 2017  POC Market Readiness Report - January 2017
POC Summary Report - November 2016 POC Market Readiness Report - November 2016

Industry Readiness Reporting Plan and Templates

The Industry Readiness Reporting Plan supported the Market Readiness Strategy. The Plan, which AEMO developed in collaboration with the POC Readiness Working Group, outlines:

  • the readiness criteria that AEMO and NEM participants would use to monitor the industry’s operational readiness to implement the new procedural arrangements
  • AEMO’s process for requesting, accepting and collating regular status reports from NEM participants on the progress of their market readiness activities and arising risks and issues
  • how AEMO would report to industry and other interested stakeholders on the progress of market readiness activities for industry as a whole
POC Industry Readiness Reporting Plan
13 December 2016 | 766 KB (pdf)
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