The new Reallocations functionality went live into AEMO’s production environment on 1 April 2020.

This functionality allows market participants who are registered for this service to submit their Reallocations at five-minute intervals for any given period after 1 October 2021 – i.e. from rule commencement. 

While Reallocations submitted for a period prior to this date (1 October), must be made at 30-minute intervals.

Other Reallocation changes that were released on 1 April 2020 include a new user interface (UI) and new or enhanced features such as:

  • APIs to submit Reallocations
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Bulk edit
  • CSV download or upload capability
  • Public holidays, and
  • Reversing or duplicating reallocations.

For further details refer to the Guide to Electricity Reallocations available on the 5MS website.

For access or technical difficulties, please contact AEMO Support Hub.

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