Real time data files from the Short Term Trading Market (STTM) are currently being updated.

Data includes: ex ante market price, provisional market price, mos stack data, allocation quantity, schedule log, hub and facility definitions, total contingency bid & offer, default allocation notice, contingency gas price and more.

Please note that the STTM started operation on 1 September 2010. Any market data related to gas days prior to 1 September are a result of the STTM Market Trial and were for Trial purposes only.

Sydney Change in Linepack (CLP) - Historical Data

Daily Files

  • Ex Ante Pipeline Data (6.93 KB, csv)
    Ex ante capacity price, flow constraint price and capacity quantity for each facility of type pipeline.
  • Provisional Pipeline Data (10.1 KB, csv)
    Provisional capacity price, provisional flow constraint price and provisional capacity quantity for each facility of type pipeline for D-2 and D-3.
  • Bid & Offer Report (982 KB, csv)
    All bids and offers used in ex ante and D-2, D-3 provisional schedules for all STTM hubs.
  • Contingency Gas Bid & Offer (73.7 KB, csv)
    Information on the received (by AEMO) contingency gas bids and offers for each STTM facility.
  • Contingency Gas Called Scheduled Bid Offer 
    Information on the received (by AEMO) contingency gas bids and offers as well as the confirmed and called bids and offers for each STTM facility.
  • MOS Stack Data (41.6 KB, csv)
    MOS stack data for each STTM pipeline facility. It contains quantity and price data for each MOS stack step as well as the standing payment rate of the contract associated with each step as well as MOS Provider data.
  • Settlement Version 
    The purpose of this report is to dispaly details of settlement runs (versions) where the due date has not passed.
  • STTM Participant Register
    Details of all STTM registered participants, including but not limited to trading participants. The address shown is the head office address.
  • Contingency Gas Price 
    High and low contingency gas prices if contingency gas was called for the gas date. 
  • Daily Net Market Balance
    Provisional inputs to market surplus / shortfall calculation for the current billing period to date.
  • Settlement Net Market Balance
    Inputs to market settlement surplus / shortfall calculation for the most recently published settlement statements.
  • Facility Hub Capacity Data
    Daily information on STTM facility hub default capacity, STTM facility maximum hub capacity and STTM facility hub capacity warning limits.
  • Ex Post Pipeline Allocation Quantity
    Total allocation quantity and allocation quantity data quality for each STTM facility in the systems at the time the ex post imbalance price is run.
  • Deviation Price Data 
    Deviation price and the data used to determine the deviation price for each STTM hub for a gas day.
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