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AEMO is seeking to improve the transparency and rigour of its budget fees processes by enabling early engagement from a representative group of stakeholders, alongside market consultation processes. The Financial Consultation Committee (FCC) aims to enable opportunities for deeper, more timely engagement on AEMO’s draft budget and fees.
The FCC will:

  • Annually review and provide comments on the draft AEMO budget.
  • Annually review AEMO’s projected revenues, expenses, and major project horizon for the coming three-year period.
  • Provide feedback on AEMO’s proposed Corporate Plan priorities.

Members of the Financial Consultation Committee

The members of the FCC for 2021/22 are:

  • Ms Nadine Lennie (CFO, TransGrid)
  • Mr Guy Mutasa (Energy Queensland)
  • Mr Jonathan Spink (Director of Engineering and Projects, Pacific Hydro)
  • Mr Ian Brooksbank (CFO, Hydro Tasmania)
  • Mr Alastair McKeown (CFO, Energy Australia)
  • Mr Jonathan Cowper (CFO, Synergy WA)
  • Ms Katrina Porteus (Director Strategy and Corporate, Energy Consumers Australia)
  • Mr Raif Sarcich (Principal Policy Officer, Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning); observer
  • Mr Jonathan Wills (Manager National Coordination, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment); observer

Records of FCC meetings

2021/22 Records

2020/21 Records

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