Project EnergyConnect Stage 1 and HIC Capacity release - Inter-network test program

Market National Electricity Market
StageFirst Stage
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close12/01/2024

AEMO has published the draft inter-network test program document for Project EnergyConnect (PEC) Stage 1 and the increase in the power transfer capability over the Heywood Interconnector (HIC), for consultation with Registered Participants in accordance with the requirements of clause 5.7.7(p) of the National Electricity Rules (Rules). The inter-network test program encompasses testing to enable the controlled release of additional capacity to the market and give confidence in the operation of the upgraded system.

Next Steps

Subsequent to any feedback from Registered Participants, AEMO will liaise with ElectraNet, Transgrid and AEMO Victorian Planning to consider updates to the inter-network test program. Following this, AEMO plans to determine and publish the final inter-network test program under clauses 5.7.7 (q) and 3.13.13 of the NER by February 2024.

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