Our culture

We have a dynamic culture at AEMO. It’s one of passion, commitment and excellence, built on a deep respect for each other and the work we perform every day.

Health and safety

Workplace Health, Safety and the Environment (WHSE) is important in everything we do at AEMO. It means we take care of ourselves and each other and speak up if we don’t feel things are okay.

We support our people through a wide range of initiatives that proactively increase awareness and reduce injury and illness. 

Volunteering and community programs

Giving back to the community means a lot to us, and we’ve devised a volunteering initiative that goes above and beyond most organisations. AEMO offers up to four days’ leave per year for employees to spend time at an agreed charitable organisation.

As part of our community engagement program we have also worked with Foodbank, Clean Up Australia Day, Red25 (in association with the Red Cross Blood Service) and partnered with Power of Engineering, a not-for-profit organisation that helps high-school students to become aware of the career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Diversity and inclusion

At AEMO, we believe in a diverse and inclusive culture, and we strive to provide a workplace built on respect for our individual experiences, differences and needs. We foster this culture through various initiatives, because we know that diverse teams are critical to our success.

Our vision is an inclusive workplace that is fair, equitable, respectful, safe and rewarding. This is underpinned by three core areas we’re focusing on at AEMO:

  • Inclusion of all: We respect and appreciate all facets of an individual, including culture, religion, geography, sexual orientation, disability, gender, caring responsibilities and other characteristics that make a person unique.
  • Gender, cultural background and flexibility: Our people have told us that gender, cultural background and flexibility are particularly important to them, so we have a specific focus on these aspects in the workplace.
  • Measure and adapt: We believe in data at AEMO. By measuring how our people feel and what we do, we have an evidence-based approach to celebrate what we do well and know where to improve. 

What our employees say about AEMO

Empowering our employees

“It’s definitely empowering when your manager and your organisation respects and trusts you to get your work done and your job done. It enables you to manage your own work load in a way that suits your own lifestyle. It leads to a lot of positive benefits for yourself and for the organisation. You want to do what’s best by AEMO because you know they are doing what’s best by you.”

Katelyn Rigden, Analyst, Reserve Capacity

Just go for it!

“I feel very proud, not just because of being a woman, but being an engineer who has been able to pick up a new challenge and deliver a service to this business. My message to all women in energy is that our gender has nothing to do with our capability in the technical world. If you enjoy the work, then just go for it!”

Mastaneh Turkaman, Power System Operations Controller

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