About the Program

  • What are the start dates of the programs and how long do they run for?

    The graduate Program has 2 intakes annually. 

    1. Early February
    2.  Early August. 

    The length of the program is 2 years, consisting of 4 x 6 month rotations. As a graduate you will join the program as a permanent employee.

  • Does this role require me to relocate?

    No. AEMOs Graduate Program will be based permanently out of one of our 6 offices. We will work with the business to ensure that you are well supported for each rotation at your preferred office location. Please advise when applying what your preferred location is and any other locations you would like to be considered for.

  • How many Graduates do you take each year?

    Our Graduate Program plays an integral role in our talent pipeline. As such, AEMO typically aims to employ 15 graduates per year.

  • What happens at the end of the 2 year program?

    You will work closely with our dedicated Graduate Manager to find your long term role at the end of the program that best suits your skills and career aspirations.

  • What rotations will I complete?

    AEMO ensures a well rounded and enriching experience, focused on supporting graduates' development, in line with their future career goals. Through careful consultation with our Graduates, we have found exposure across a range of AEMOs core activities to be the most beneficial.  

    Our rotational program is broken into 3 core streams: 

    • Engineering  
    • Analytics/Data Science 
    • Digital/IT  

    The degree you completed at university will determine which stream best applies. The Engineering and Analytics steam will follow a similar program, covering 3 core areas of the business – Operations, System Design and Reform Delivery. The Digital rotations will include a range of IT areas such as Cyber Security, Architecture, Applications, Infrastructure & Networks. A full range of rotations options will be discussed in more detail at our in person Assessment Centers.

Application & recruitment process

  • What is the selection process?
    1. CV and qualification review 
    2. Gamified online assessment 
    3. Video Interview 
    4. In Person Assessment Centre
  • Will you accept a late application?

    We understand that juggling study and life can get busy. However, to be considered for AEMOs Graduate Program you must submit your application on time.

  • Can I request an extension for completing my online assessment/s?

    We encourage all applicants to complete assessments as soon as possible. We have designed the application process to be as minimally impactful on university exam schedules as possible. To ensure we assess all applicants fairly, applicants must submit all assessments on time

  • If I am offered a role in the Graduate Program – is it permanent?

    Yes. Our Graduate Program is a Permanent position at AEMO. During your last rotation, you will work closely with our Graduate Manager to find your first role off the rotation program.

  • Can I defer my graduate offer?

    AEMOs Graduate Program intake changes year on year, based on the needs of the business. Unfortunately, we are unable to defer an offer for another year.

  • Can I email my resume directly to you instead of applying online?

    No. All applicants must be submitted online. It is a relatively easy online platform – however if there are any issues in submitting your application, please email Earlycareers@aemo.com.au

  • I’ll be finishing my studies shortly after the Graduate Program commences. Can I still apply?
    All successful applicants must have completed their studies before the commencement of the Graduate Program. We provide 2 intakes to accommodate for these variations in completion and recommend that you apply to the alternate start date.
  • I completed my degree over 12 months ago. Can I still apply?
    Yes, you can apply up to 2 years after completing your degree.
  • Do you accept Graduates who are Visa holders?

    Yes we do, if you have full working rights from the commencement of the Graduate Program. Examples of Visas we have previously accepted include: Temporary Graduate 485; Partner Visa. Please make sure you provide all information when applying. We are unable to Sponsor Graduates, due to the specialised Visa requirements outlined by the Australian Government.

More questions? 

Contact our Early Careers Team – Earlycareers@AEMO.com.au

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