Video: The changing generation mix explained

2 min

Australia’s power system is in the midst of significant transformation. Not sure what we mean? Well check out our animation that visually explains the change in generation within the National Electricity Market (NEM) since it was established in late 1998!

When the NEM was first established, Nokia was the mobile phone brand we all wanted, Saving Private Ryan was a box office hit, and Australia’s population was 18.7 million. Australia’s power system was predominantly fuelled by coal, hydro and gas. 

Fast forward two decades, and not only has our population boomed to a whopping 24.8 million, but our power system has significantly diversified with the introduction of renewable energy…and this trend is set to continue. 

The video above illustrates the shift away from coal generation as the predominant source of supply resources in the NEM, moving more towards natural gas and wind as major contributors to today’s generation mix, and an increase in solar and battery storage in the future.

So why does this change matter?

The move to more variable, intermittent energy resources forces the industry to think differently about the way the power system operates. As Australia’s power system operator, AEMO’s role is to maintain the system balance. It is the physics of the power system that define the requirements for balance.

Our focus is to manage a secure, reliable and affordable power system throughout this transformation to a low emission future!

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