WDR updates to market systems

AEMO is making changes to its market systems to implement the WDR rule. The table sets out the key WDR changes to AEMO’s market systems and their timing. 



Create the DRSP role in retail systems 

June 2021


Enable B2B accreditation of DRSPs

June 2021



Enable participants to register as a DRSP and perform classification and aggregation for NMIs. 

June 2021

EMMS: Settlements

•       Enable WDRU energy to be settled, billed and invoiced.

•       Generate reconciliation reports. 

October 2021

EMMS: Bidding and dispatch

•       Enable WDRU energy to be dispatched and forecasted.

•       Changes are required to bid submissions, dispatch, pre-dispatch, MT PASA, ST PASA and operational forecasting 

October 2021


Portfolio Management System (Release 1)

AEMO to:

•       Establish an operational database of NMIs under assessment for or classified and aggregated as WDR units

•       Upload a participant provided CSV files with NMI details that have a series of auto-validations and assessments applied

•       Review and approve NMI baseline eligibility based on assessments called on from the baseline system

June 2021

Portfolio Management System (Release 2)

Enable participants to classify and manage their WDR portfolios (including aggregations).  

October 2021


Enable PoL (predictability of load) and baseline calculations of NMIs for DRSPs. 

Generate Baseline calculation reports. 

October 2021

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