Victorian Government SIPS 2020

SIPS 2020 Update

The National Electricity (Victoria) Act 2005 (Vic) (NEVA) has been amended to give the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change certain powers to modify or disapply sections of the National Electricity Law (NEL) and the National Electricity Rules (NER) as they relate to specified augmentations, specified augmentation services or specified non-network services in respect of the Victorian Transmission Network. Under section 16X of the NEVA, AEMO is also conferred additional functions.

The Victorian Government SIPS 2020 is a procurement process that AEMO is undertaking at the request of the Victorian Government. SIPS refers to “System Integrity Protection Scheme”. The intention behind this scheme is to allow additional import of electricity over the Victoria to New South Wales Interconnector (VNI) of up to 250MW at peak times.

The Minister has made an order under section 16Y of the NEVA in relation to the Victorian Government SIPS 2020 procurement process ( 

This procurement process is distinct from, and separate to, the RIT-T and procurement processes that AEMO is currently undertaking for transmission augmentation projects under the National Electricity Rules.

As the Victorian Government SIPS 2020 procurement process is ongoing, the details of the process itself are confidential and commercially sensitive. 

AEMO will only enter into a contract for a SIPS service as a result of the procurement process following the Minister making a further order under section 16Y of the NEVA.

If you have any questions please contact AEMO at

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