Procedures Workstream


AEMO has completed the necessary procedural changes that are required to give effect to the Five-Minute Settlement (5MS) and Global Settlement (GS) rule changes.

AEMO established a procedures working group to consult on the changes required to the procedures. In addition, AEMO carried out industry engagement throughout the development process to help identify any potential areas of concern or contention, as well as identify areas of opportunity to improve outcomes.

Packages and Stakeholder Consultation

Through the procedures working group, AEMO identified approximately 70 procedures, policies and guides that are affected by the 5MS Rule across four functional areas. These procedures were grouped into packages for consultation.  Each package contains the updated procedure effective at the time of consultation, their High-Level Impacts Assessments (HLIA) and consultation history can be found in the table below.

Please Note: These packages were captured at a point in time for the purposes of defining and consulting on the changes required to support the AEMC’s 5MS and GS ruling.  The documents contained within each package are no longer being maintained but remain available for stakeholders to use as a reference. 

To access the latest (live) versions of AEMO’s procedural documents, please refer to the Retail and metering page.





  1. Metering data
  2. MSATS and SLPs
  3. Miscellaneous
  1. SRA 
  2. Estimation 
  3. Miscellaneous 
  4. TNSP
  5. Prudentials 
  6. Reallocations                
  1. Bids/offers 
  2. Pricing
  3. Spot Market
  4. Miscellaneous

No packages, but one procedure required for formal consultation.           

Procedure Working Group (PWG)

AEMO established the Procedures Working Group to provide a forum to engage with industry stakeholders during the procedure development process. Information on the working group is available here

As the procedure workstream is now complete, the PWG has been closed. Stakeholders can still raise changes to the procedures through the AEMO business-as-usual channels as shown in the table.

Area Channel
 Metering / metering data / standing data

 Electricity Retail Consultative Forum (ERCF)

 Information Exchange Committee

 Settlements  email:
 Prudentials  email:

 NEM Wholesale Consultative Forum

The benefit of this approach, especially for metering, is that AEMO coordinates across all other industry projects and changes: 

  • Consults with the industry via the relevant forum or working group
  • Establishes the optimal approach to bundling procedure changes and IT changes
  • Considers all timelines, including statutory and project milestones.

The 5MS Program will track any relevant issues or changes through an action log to ensure transparency, consistency and integration. 

The 5MS Procedures Working Group may be reactivated on an ad-hoc basis to respond to material procedure issues. 

For further information

Please direct any queries regarding Five-Minute Settlement (5MS) to

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