Participants and facilities registered for the GBB

This page lists all participants and facilities currently registered for the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB), as well as current and previous shippers. To register in a different energy market, please go to Energy Systems > Registration.

GBB participants and facilities

To access the most up-to-date lists of participants and facilities registered for the GBB, visit the Data Portal, navigate to the Registration tab, and filter the reports by ‘Participants’ or ‘Facilities’.

GBB shippers

This is a list of the shippers with contracted primary pipeline capacity on each GBB pipeline. Shipper information is provided to AEMO via email and is then published on the GBB website.

Note that AEMO does not standardise this into a single report; instead, we publish shipper lists as provided by pipeline operators. AEMO will update GBB shipper lists as required.

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