Outage Declaration

General requirements

In submitting this proposed outage, a Market Participant or Network Operator is declaring that the relevant capacity or capability meets the availability requirements set out in clauses 3.18.2A(i), 3.18.5D, 3.18.6A and 3.19.2B of the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules (WEM Rules) as applicable, or that the outage meets the relevant exceptions to those clauses of the WEM Rules ,and must select the relevant declaration for their circumstances.

Where Market Participants and Network Operators believe an exception is relevant, they must refer to the section, “Exceptions”, below.


Exceptions to the above clauses of the WEM Rules are applicable where a Market Participant or Network Operator’s proposed outage meets the requirements, as appropriate, set out under:

  • Clause 3.18.5E;
  • Clause 3.18.10C(b); and
  • Clause 3.19.2G.

To indicate to AEMO that an exception applies to the proposed outage, please select the relevant button in the Market Participant Interface (MPI). In the associated text field, please include: 

  • the reason for the exception(s); and
  • the clause(s) of the WEM Rules that are applicable to the exception(s),

prior to submitting your proposed outage request.

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