GMP for Existing Transmission Connected Generating Systems

Clause 1.41.2 of the WEM Rules requires that a Market Participant (MP) with an Existing Transmission Connected Generating System (ETCGS) submit a proposed GMP by the existing agreed date of 1 August 2021 (six months after commencement of Tranche 1 of the WEM Rules), unless an extension is requested.

AEMO works with each Market Participant regarding the agreed date. However, if you have any questions, please contact System Management Operations. To read the frequently asked questions for ETCGS, please click here.

The proposed GMP must:

  • Meet the requirements of the Template Generator Monitoring Plan detailed in the WEM Procedure: Generator Monitoring Plans; and
  • follow the Generator Monitoring Plan Form.

Many aspects of the final GMP may require Registered Generator Performance Standards. AEMO has created a Guide to Completing the Generator Monitoring Plan Form for ETCGS to indicate what sections of the GMP Form most likely can be filled out prior to having Registered Generator Performance Standards. Please note that if a Facility has multiple generating units, the definition of the Generating System that Market Participant needs to use to complete the GMP Form must be aligned with the one used in the Registered Generator Performance Standards.

Key Dates for submission and requests for extension for ETCGS:

MP Deliverable Latest expected Date (reflecting recently granted extensions) Request for extension Due Date (reflecting recently granted extensions) Reference
Proposed GMP  1 December 2021  3 November 2021 WEM Rules clause 1.41.3
Approved GMP  1 December 2022 (1)(2)  3 November 2022 (3) WEM Rules clause 1.39.7

(1) Unless AEMO approves further extension
(2) The date that is 12 months after the date on which the Market Participant submits their proposed GMP to AEMO for approval
(3) The date that is 20 Business Days before the approved GMP deadline date

In order to extend the submission date, Market Participants must submit a request for extension to AEMO, which needs to demonstrate reasonable progress towards submitting the GMP and a requested date for the extension date.

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