FAQ for Existing Transmission Connected Generating Systems

  • My GPS submission is currently being assessed by Western Power. Can I start developing the proposed Generator Monitoring Plan form after the Facility has a Registered GPS?

    Clause 1.41.2 of the WEM Rules requires that a Market Participant with an Existing Transmission Connected Generating System submit a proposed Generator Monitoring Plan (GMP) to AEMO by the existing agreed date of 1 August 2021 (six months after commencement of Tranche 1), unless an extension is requested. AEMO will work with you regarding the agreed date. While many aspects of the GMP Form cannot be completed without a Registered GPS, there are parts of the GMP Form that can be completed before a Registered GPS. Completing those parts will:

    • Allow you to identify aspects of the GMP that will take further time and therefore provide better planning for the completion of the GMP;
    • Enable you to show ‘reasonable progress’ as required by WEM Rule 1.41.3;
    • Allow AEMO to commence assessment of those parts of the GMP.

    A guide to the parts of the form that AEMO considers can be completed before the agreed date is located here.

  • The Compliance Monitoring Program for my existing Facility is approved by Western Power. Can this be grandfathered for the GMP submission in its current format?

    No. However, the testing methods from the Compliance Monitoring Program (Existing Monitoring Plan) can be repurposed for the GMP. As per WEM Rules clause 1.41.9, the method of monitoring from an Existing Monitoring Plan can be applied to the GMP for a specific Technical Requirement where AEMO is satisfied it is applicable and the method will not create a risk to Power System Security or Power System Reliability. 

    Note that each ‘method of monitoring’ relates to a ‘Technical Requirement’. Therefore, Market Participants must determine the applicability of the method of monitoring for the relevant Technical Requirement and propose that method in the GMP, where appropriate. 

    AEMO has published a GMP Form for Market Participants to use to develop their own GMP.

  • We have an existing template used in the NEM. Can we follow this format for the GMP submission?

    The NEM requirements differ from the WEM Rules. As such, the NEM template cannot be used – though some details may be relevant for your specific situation. All GMP submissions must be made using the Generator Monitoring Plan Form.

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