Project Sequencing - FAQs

  • Q: Can you explain AEMO's proposed sequencing approach?

    Due to the large number of projects that are in commissioning and awaiting registration in this marginally stable area of the grid, AEMO proposed a process to connect the backlog of projects in a way that maintains a secure operating state as required by the National Electricity Rules. AEMO released a document defining the Connecting generators in the West Murray Zone – sequencing uncommitted projects in February 2021.

    The ‘sequencing’ approach adopted after stakeholder feedback was to group projects as follows and perform final integration assessments in date order (earliest first, subject to meeting all pre-assessment conditions as noted above). If any of the dates for projects within group 2 or 3 are the same, then the date of registration will determine priority order.

    Group 1: Constrained – commissioning: date of request for approval to proceed to next hold point
    Group 2: Registered: date of registration
    Group 3: Committed (Connection Agreement and 5.3.4A/B): latest of connection agreement date, 5.3.4A approval or 5.3.4B approval.

  • Q: How will I know where my project is in the proposed sequencing timeline?

    Proponents who currently have a committed, registered or commissioning project in the West Murray Zone will be contacted directly to discuss the assessment approach and sequencing timeline.

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