AEMO Services Ltd as the Consumer Trustee

Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Services Limited has been established as a subsidiary of AEMO to independently carry out the functions of National Electricity Market jurisdictions.

AEMO Services Limited's first role will be as the New South Wales (NSW) Consumer Trustee, having been appointed by the Minister for Energy and Environment on 23 July 2021 under the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020 (EII Act).

AEMO Services Limited, as the Consumer Trustee, will act independently and in the long-term financial interests of NSW electricity customers to improve the affordability, reliability, security and sustainability of electricity supply. AEMO Services Limited will work with the NSW Government as a key partner to implement elements of its Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap aimed at transitioning the electricity sector through the declaration of Renewable Energy Zones (REZ), authorisation of new network infrastructure, and private investment in new generation, long duration storage and firming infrastructure.

A key function of the AEMO Services Limited as the Consumer Trustee is to plan for the achievement of the infrastructure investment objectives established by the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act (EII Act). These include:

  • minimum objectives for the construction of specified amounts of renewable generation infrastructure and long-duration storage infrastructure by the end of 2029; and
  • overall objectives to construct additional infrastructure necessary to minimise costs to NSW electricity customers and meet the NSW energy security target and reliability standard.

AEMO Services Limited, as the Consumer Trustee, will publish tender rules to detail requirements for the conduct of tenders to identify the best projects to offer LTES Agreements, including eligibility and merit assessment criteria. The Consumer Trustee’s primary consideration in these tenders will be financial value to NSW consumers. It must also consider how tenders contribute to each of the objectives of the Act.

AEMO Services Limited is governed by an independent Board of Directors and managed by an independently-appointed and diverse Executive Leadership Team. The full AEMO Services Limited Board is currently being appointed.

This is a temporary webpage while the AEMO Services website is in development. The new website will provide details about upcoming tender processes.

Interactive Online Session – 7 February 2022

AEMO Services Limited, as the NSW Consumer Trustee will be hosting an interactive online session to discuss and seek feedback on its planned approach to competitive tenders.

The online interactive session is the first step in an ongoing process to work closely with proponents and other stakeholders to facilitate a deep understanding and opportunity for feedback on AEMO Services’ approach to acting independently and in the long-term financial interest of NSW electricity consumers through an open and transparent competitive tender.

To help stakeholders prepare for the online session the below discussion guide provides an overview of the proposed tender process and the proposed eligibility and merit criteria.

Registration details

The webinar will be taking place on Monday, 7 February 2022 10am – 12pm. Please register online here.

For more information on the tender design process and assessment criteria, please visit this page.

Further information

If you have any questions or queries regarding the webinar or wish to provide questions in advance of the session, please email

Planning for the achievement of the infrastructure investment objectives: the Infrastructure Investment Objectives (IIO) Report

The 2021 IIO Report will be the first report published by the NSW Consumer Trustee under the EII Act. The IIO Report includes two components:

  • the Development Pathway for the construction of electricity infrastructure in NSW to achieve the infrastructure investment objectives over the next 20 years; and
  • the 10-Year Plan for conducting competitive tenders for long-term energy service (LTES) agreements to give effect to the Development Pathway.

The 2021 IIO Report is supported by:

  • AEMO’s Development Pathways Report, which sets out in detail the alternative development pathways modelled for the 2021 IIO Report; and
  • EY’s Modelling Methodology and Assumptions Report, which provides a detailed description of the modelling methodology and assumptions used by EY in conducting the modelling of the alternative development pathway.
  • A summary document of the 2021 IIO Report.

AEMO Services will actively seek feedback on its 2021 IIO Report to inform its preparation of future updates to the Development Pathway.

AEMO Services hosted an online session to discuss the 2021 IIO Report release on 7 December 2021, the slide deck for which can be accessed below. 

Feedback on the 2021 IIO Report can be sent to until 31 January 2022.

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